Thursday, April 26, 2012

Ichiban Boshi (kamameshi) - The Centrepoint


       Ideally, this would have been crispy parcels, piping hot and bursting with juices.
But of course one could dream.
These hotplate gyozas had skin that was too thick. Moderately chewy and crisp only at the edges. :(
But biting into these little parcels revealed orange pieces of shrimp meat which really impressed me.
I thought it might have been minced.
Savoury meets sweet drizzled teriyaki sauce.
Appetite's awake now :)

They no longer have zosui on their teatime offers.
Although I was looking forward to some soupy comfort from zosui,
why not make it some rich soupy comfort.
I was pleasantly surprised that they were now offering hokkaido soup curry udon. :)
And just look at the descriptions!
Mozza cheese.
Oh my!

Can't wait! :)
*takes a small sip
Oh. That's. Comfort. Alright.
Curry soup.
Curry cubes mixed into chicken soup stock?
Eggplant, okra, lotus root, cabbage and a patterned shiitake mushroom.
Half an egg with a yolk that wasn't -quite- cooked.
And beef slices topped with mozza cheese bits.
I had a lot of fun pulling at this stringy cheesy mess.
Udon that was chewy and went very well with the richness of the gravy.
The only grouse I had was that my beef slices were a tad overcooked.
But for $5 inclusive of green tea,
this was totally my idea of a teatime treat!
Especially after a traumatic dental visit. :(

And for the first time in all my years,
I set foot into Alley bar.
On a weekday afternoon.
Being part of this happy hour that seems so much a routine of these patrons I see around me.
And my friends of course.
Downing pints of ice cold Tiger on a hot sunny afternoon.
And I look for my respite in ice cold water.
Drinks right? :)

And today I had a thought.
That smokers have terribly bad eyesight or this amazing ability to ignore what they don't want to see.
I don't get how I could bring a pack of anything with such pictures around with me.
Much less smoke.
Don't get me wrong.
It's from my smoker friend.
But I'd hang out with him all the same.
He says.
Don't touch.
Your hands will smell like burning leaves, rotting logs and all those disgusting garbage dump smells.

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