Tuesday, April 17, 2012

brunch adventures

80, Neil Road
Blink and you'll miss it.

A lazy late Sunday brunch saw me waiting for 45 minutes without reservations for a seat indoors.
It was positively boiling outdoors. I was seated in the shade while waiting outdoors and even then, the staff made sure I had the fan lowing directly at me while I was left undisturbed with my book. Once there were seats available indoors, I was invited in for a seat at the bar counter to wait for a proper table to be vacated. This was heartwarming service. Effusive but still, a respect for my personal space. I really appreciated that. :) Especially being alone while I waited for my friend who was totally lost.

Quaint. :)

Anywhere with a book in hand.
Rosti? That sounds like a good breakfast item! This goes for $7.80 plain with sourcream. There was a whole list of add-ons ranging from $2-$3.50. I opted for add-ons of scrambled eggs and a chicken cheese sausage. I thought the rosti was a tad overcooked. But if you like crispy charred potato strips then this would be a perfect rosti for you. The chicken cheese sausage was a recommendation and it was good. Cheese sauce oozing out of the sausage with every cut and white meat that had none of that poultry smell. The serving was generous and it was a departure from the usual eggs on muffins at brunch.

The pot of Earl Grey was served full. Literally to the brim so be careful about spills. However, it was still a strong pot of tea. Adding that lil bit of honey to every cup of tea for that touch of sweetness.

My girlfriend chose the recommended eggs montreal with salmon and hollandaise sauce. I don't see how there would be any connections to Montreal with this creation. I was expecting smoked meat from the namesake. In any case, the eggs were poached perfectly. With delightfully runny bright yolks and a savoury hollandaise sauce. :) The side salad was simply dressed and cheery cherry tomatoes to add color to the dish.

It was a cosy setting for us to have a relaxed brunch for about an hour and a half. Kitchen closed at about 3pm? But no one chases you to settle the bill. Everything was to the customer's convenience. It was hard work finding this place but we left with tummies satisfied.

But that wasn't all.
It's a girlfriend day out.
There just HAS to be after-brunch desserts!
Coming right up :)

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