Wednesday, April 18, 2012

PS at A.S.H Park

And I'll bet you didn't know that Ann Siang happens to be the name of a wealthy hokkien merchant and he was the proud landowner of both Mount Erskine and Ann Siang Hill where he lived.

Unless you've been to A.S.H. Park where P.S Cafe sits quietly amidst the greenery. Then that's no count for the bets. Because there's a heritage board that tells you (well, me) all about it! :)

This branch only admits teenagers and adults. Any idea what's the reason behind the restrictions?

In any case, this was our welcome respite from the oppressive afternoon heat.

So we actually wandered about for a bit to leave our options open. 
There was a chocolate cafe which had a unique rainbow cake and options like cheesecake amidst all the other chocolate offerings but it had limited seating space and wasn't my idea of comfort.
Antoinette down Erskine Road was even smaller. The cafe was constructed studio style. I can't imagine how these people in there would feel safe eating there. This place was a fire hazard waiting to occur. Become a crab when you walk in.
There's no other way to avoid bumping into people or furniture unless you walk sideways.
I kid you not.
I crabwalked my way out immediately.

And so we went on our way to P.S.
Which thankfully had ample seating space on the second floor.
And a new twist on cold water.
I've never noticed (or did this just happen recently?) how they have these colourful fruit slices in their water jugs. It might be psychological. But I could taste those fruits in my water.
 I was sure that there could've been no other place I wanted to be other than here in the madness of the afternoon heat. :)

Done with brunch and now it's time for desserts. These mega monstrous sized desserts make one sin. The sin of gluttony. But I gladly indulge. For it's not every Sunday that's a girlfriend day out. :)

We decided to depart from the usual carrot cake and sticky date pudding (everytime.allthetime) and made orders for a coconut raisin bread pudding and a caramel banana cake.

These came as if they were castles surrounded and drowned in the moat of sauce. While I do profess I like my dessert with ample dressing, this was dessert suicide. Next time, we'll be sure to ask for sauce on the side. Vanilla and caramel sauce. Both were saccharine sweet. You'd be none the wiser after having both.

The taste of coconut was subtle but ever present in the bread pudding. And that little coconut puff on top? Me like! I wish for some burnt crusty edges and more raisins though.

The banana cake was rich and tasted of brown sugar but my taste buds were too overwhelmed by the caramel sauce to do any more detective work.
The vanilla ice cream on the side was commonplace and melted at an alarming rate. 
Where are my specks of vanilla beans? It's 17 dollars, I'm sure we could do better with the ice cream? And while we're at it, how about also keeping hair out of this.
I gagged when I saw a strand of hair.
And no, it wasn't mine! Ohthehorrors!
They offered to replace the dessert but who could stomach anymore of thatwhichcomeswithhair :/
so they took it off the bill.
Thanks for the gesture but sigh. Long while before I order this again.

The third floor was where they had a second bar counter smaller than the one on the first floor and there was more seating but probably only for dinner. Their seats were reminiscent of british colonial office chairs. Lighting was dimmer up here and had a cosy vibe that one would imagine to make for good dinner ambience. Opening the glass doors to the al fresco area, we saw a couple of people soaking up the sun. It offered a pretty view of the park below and to the CBD area beyond. Perfect for an after dinner drink in the evenings.

Hair aside, I hope you had an awesome birthday dear :)
To more girlfriend days ahead. <3

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