Monday, April 09, 2012

ssikkek korean barbeque (2d1n soju bang)

This better be worth it.

From the fumes of the vehicles standing near the main road to the tantalizing smells of the meats on the hotplate. I was glad to advance in the queue. Albeit at a speed comparable to a snail's pace. But this was torturous. An hour and a quarter standing in queue. On wedges that I was tempted to take off. Everyone else it seemed, was well prepared. It was slippers or flats. 

We watch on as a special queue for the people who made prior reservations formed parallel to us. They were ushered in at what seemed like seconds. While normal peasants like us waited for what was eternity.

Finally, at 930pm we were shown to our seats. A table for four with just the two of us. Just as well.
And now there's no time to sit about.
Let's go!
She grabs the plates, I grab the cups.
A choice or cold Calamansi or hot barley tea.
Then there was also a cold korean rice drink/ dessert.
And the other dessert offering was sweet cubes of ruby red watermelon.
I'd seen it on so many tables while standing in queue that I had to get me some! :)
All this was housed in a small corner of the restaurant. It's the size of a kitchen in a studio apartment.
And amazingly, utensils, cups, bowls and saucers were all on shelves for ease of access.

And the meats of course.
Included a selection of pork, chicken and beef in various cuts and marinates.
Thin bacon strips. Full fat. Perfect for the grill.
Paper thin beef rolls. These were a hassle to unroll when you're a hungry monkey but they tasted oh-so- good, melt-in-your-mouth crazy awesome! Mmmm. :)

I did try to make things better wrapping these in lettuce but well, it's all about balance.
Short ribs galbi were good but too tough for me.
The scissors that they provided were just great for snipping these up into small portions.
I'd much prefer the thin cuts and chicken bulgogi though.
And chewy squid rings!

Lots of onion slices to stir fry till caramelized, handfuls of golden mushroom and inch-thick potato slices for the carbs that tasted great barbequed in the fatty juices of meat and addictively preserved radish discs that I threw onto the hotplate as well.

There was also a seaweed/minestrone/ginseng soup that were unfortunately cold with no refills given the late timing we were admitted.
There was a small tray of grilled chicken wings and corn apple salad that kept me happy while waiting for the food to cook.

And that's when she spilled the beans. Oh I am so happy for you my dear girlfriend! :)
Amidst the craziness of work, I'm so happy that you've found someone.

Good conversation, well marinated meats and tasty sides made good the time spent in the queue.
Unfortunately, the kimchi wasn't worth the mention.
What with this being a korean restaurant. Hmm.
We didn't eat much but everything we ate was worth the fat and calorie count.

And my eyes lit up when I saw these sticks of ice cream! Mango milk ice cream. It tasted like yoghurt sorbet. All flavours going at $1 each. Not included in the price of the buffet. 
It was a good ending to our meal. :)

Sitting indoors was terrible. Unfortunately, you don't walk out smelling like tantalizing meat. You just smell like refried barbequed. Not the most appetizing way to describe anyone. But believe you me, it takes two rounds of shampoo and some lifebuoy to totally eliminate the odour.

I'd make a trip here again, for the reasonable prices and good meats. But i'll be sure to make my dinner reservations, wear slippers/ flats and request for a seats outdoors next time! :)

Thanks for the dinner treat dear. A promotion and a happy life event!
Cheers to the long weekend!

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