Monday, April 09, 2012


Drip(ped) coffee. While you were waiting. 
Just because I was running late. :/
Hello rain. It's you I meet again.

Soup Broth Asia is the Asian counterpart to guys at The Soup Spoon just next door.
A menu of twelve different soup offerings with exact calorie counts for the weight conscious.
Each soup bowl serves about 500ml.
And just in case you were wondering,
The gourmet stock used in the soups at Soup Broth Asia is prepared using a unique method that takes at least eight hours.
Ingredients are cooked separately, and are then cooked with the gourmet stock. This cooking process preserves the nutritional value of the ingredients without sacrificing on taste.

Fujian style fish stew.
Don't bother looking at the pictures. They were hardly appetizing.
But look past that and into these glass bowls and you'll find something worth staying for.
This was good. Savoury.
Perhaps with the addition of pork slices.
The beancurd puffs were filling and just this bowl of soup was enough for a light meal.
All soups are served with a generous serving of white rice.

And there are options for add ons. A choice of vegetable and a drink for $3.80.
This was a good deal for a balanced diet.
Eat your greens!
These vegetables looked overfried.
Well fried indeed but still tasting good, albeit a little heavy handed on the salt and a tad oilier than I would've liked.
And I was glad for rice.

A recommended Pork Rib Tea, more familiar to most as Bak Kut Teh?
This was full on with the pepper.
I don't know about taste.
But no feedback is good feedback?

Oh and this was the only other place I've seen with instructions on the disposable chopsticks holder.
There were fold guidelines for making a chopstick rest.
Either we were terrible at following directions or there was just really no use for this except for novelty's sake.
And just for the record, no one else seemed to bother about the instructions.

Apologies for a terrible picture but they also do add-ons for a meat/ seafood at an additional charge.
These were wasabi mayo prawns.
For four prawns, the serving for the wasabi mayo could easily have been reduced by half and there would still be more than enough to go around.
The batter was light and crunchy enough to make these munchies addictive.
And the fruit cocktail at the side was a nice touch for colour.
So much for feeling fat and wanting a soupy dinner! :)

Still, this was perfect for a rainy day. I'd be back for more soups!
And this time round, with cash.
They only do cash payments and that's probably running in line with their casual quick dining concept.
Sorry you had to pick up the tab for dinner.

By now the rain had gone away and we had a good walk across the helix bridge, making it here in good time. :)

What one needs for an awesome Easter weekend.
Catch it if you haven't before the run ends April 22nd! :)

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