Saturday, April 21, 2012

new treats at broadway plaza

This looked a lot like Nando's.
With attention grabbing wall prints and menus.
And chicken of course.
In all forms. 

This was much better than I thought.
Would be what I envision the bonchon 4 fingers crispy chicken to taste like.
The skin was crispy indeed.
And coated in a spicy sweet sauce that was purely addictive.
I wish there was more of where that crispy skin came from!
The gravy on the mash was much too thick but definitely savoury from seasoning.
Be sure to have water on hand after this!

And because Broadway Plaza's undergoing a massive makeover from their previous makeover not so long ago, they are having a one for one special. And this was one of the options from the complimentary dish.
One of the few non-chicken options.
A standard thawed and grilled dory fillet.
Massively drowned in sweet and spicy sambal sauce.
I had expected a dollop of the sauce and of the thick nature but this was liquid and made my side of fries soggy in an unappetizing way.
The coleslaw was a generous serving and creamy and not too tart for my teeth. 

Dinner was really better than we expected.
But only because we expected very little.
Worth a try.
Especially those hot hot drums! :)

And this was even more exciting.
Yet another one for one treat!
This runs till the weekend and only applicable at Broadway Plaza- 22/04/2012.
One for one on a small cup at yoguru.
$3.50 for two of these yummylicious treats.
This was mango and bliss.
Mmmm. :)

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