Thursday, June 28, 2012

lunch date

Waking up late.
It's a work day for you while I'm in the last week of my holidays.
Finishing my book while you slept in.
Frustrated and finally forced out of bed by the incessant sounds of piling and ongoing upgrading works.
Only to fall back to sleep next to your nephew.
A big kid and a small one to melt my heart. :)
It's been a while since we had time for lunch.
Where to?
Chicken rice at Clarke Quay.
I've never noticed this- Tiong Bahru Hainanese Chicken Rice where quietly it sits behind the bus stop across the bridge from The Central in the direction of home when you get off work late at night.

A set meal for two.
$17.80 if I remember correctly.
Serves up half a chicken (choice of roasted or white)
Roast chicken was too salty on the wings but otherwise juicy and mmm yum.
It might have something to do with the fact that I was ravenous by 2pm as well. ;p

I liked the addition of tomato slices and salted vegetables.
And they had a bowl of soup which was more than just decent.
I'm impressed.
Tasty. Boiled chicken stock with salted vegetables.

A choice of side. The lady taking our order offered either the thai style fried beancurd or five spice meat roll.
A little heavy on the salt. But savoury and well balanced out by a dip into the luminous orange spicy sauce.
Ngoh Hiang for the carnivore of course.

And a choice of vegetable between fried beansprouts or baby bok choy. I like them crunchy bean sprouts but I like my healthy greens more :) A little overly blanched but tasty with the toppings of oyster sauce, fried shallots and hey, some ikan bilis too.
And this was mine.
All mine.
I definitely have a healthy digestive system full on fibre. :)

Thanks for lunch.
And I'm happy we managed a proper lunch before you started on your work day.

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