Monday, May 08, 2006

what's for dinner?

lunch was at orchard cafe, orchard hotel. it was a pretty decent spread of internationa cuisine. of particular mention was the sashimi. yum. i used to only eat the smoked ones but right now. raw's the way to go :) yum. soft shell crab, asparagus, prawn tempura was a draw for me too! and pork in bechamel sauce. desserts weren't any lesser of a draw. there was my favourite creme brulee and decent vanilla/caramel ice cream. i realise i missed out on tonnes of stuff cos my tummy couldn't fit them in anymore. things like freshly grilled satays. hmmmmm. and boiled soups and noodles and chocolate cakes and indian food. hmmm. haha. it's a good deal. try it this month with the uob one for one dining deals. :) so that was my date with M after a long while. girlfriend times are always good times. so that was lunch and that. above? is dinner. straight from grandma's wok. she was amused by my photographical instincts today. 'll try to explain to her about this photofoodblog soon enough. she made her signature curry chicken today for the mum who was on leave. which explains why i could leave. i'm supposed to be tutoring the brothers. my mum's been bugging her about curry chicken on the top right corner. her steamed minced pork and egg and fried eggs smack in the middle were for guess who? my brothers. they loveeee eggs. they'll be chickens some day. hahaha. the bird flu was a major scare for them. it's exam time for them now so that was my grandma's brain food for them. including barley water on the top left corner :) righto. my foodnotes for today. pun totally intended.

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