Saturday, May 13, 2006

they look better than they taste. and that. is a tragedy. considering the truckloads of people at the very same place we were dining at. we were there a tad late cos we were lost and it was vesak day. i.e. those 'float' things were major traffic obstructions. mum threw a little temper. she was embarrassed though. but that got us seats upstairs in air-conditioned comfort. thank God. it was an icky humid drizzle-ish day. so there. in no particular order, at least in the chronological sense. but total order in the taste department. scallop in yam rings were my favourite. running a close second was my claypot beancurd. :) the rest were mediocre to plain rubbish. imagine abalone drowned massacred and just plain destroyed but thick sweet spicy whatever sauce it was. i was too sick and cold/flu attacked to care. plus a splitting headache didn't help matters. but nope. that wasn't a biased review. the food met with the diapproval from the family as well. how sad. so that was mum's day part II. we had part I at a hainanese steamboat restaurant last weekend. and that was yummy. :)

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