Monday, May 15, 2006

i thought i smelt lemongrass. and i was right! into the fishhead curry it went. today's curry was potent. it's a brilliant mix of my thai aunt's superb secret mix of chilli paste and grandma's assam mix. ok mix sounds bad. like a mishmash of rubbish. but then when you've secret mixes from the best, it's hardly gonna go anywhere else but superb. fried fishcakes and ngo hiang, fried radish with eggs. i told you the brothers couldn't have dinner without eggs. :) grandpa bought the kangkong in the background. yummm. i really think that plate of vegetables cost 40 cents. for all you zi char radish tops, take that! hahaha. a fool and his money are soon parted. aww. but then i wouldn't blame you. not everyone's grandpa makes trips to the market to do grocery shopping. :)
righto. did i mention there's also dessert in this household? yummm. hang on a minute and i'll grab a photo. while i eat it of course!

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