Sunday, May 14, 2006

no photos? daddy's taken off to frankfurt for the week. mr totally-in-my-face-lucky camera got to hop on for the long haul flight too. i need to get me another. so mummy's day was lunch out at hong kong street restaurant opposite novena mrt station. food was pretty decent. i would've tried other dishes though. but for the kids it was sweet and sour pork ribs, spicy honey chicken. claypot tofu for me and fishhead beehoon soup. and their famed sam lou hor fun. yum. dinner we went western. well, we meaning minus i. haha. chicken chop, fish and chips, spring chicken. who knew a tiny stall in ang mo kio street something (i can direct you there) sold such yummy western food. :) and then there was horfun again. haha. somethings i can never tire of. don't ask me to make a list. it'd go on forever. i hope the contents more than made up for the lack of photos. till tmrw! :)

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