Thursday, May 11, 2006

there! stewed turnip was the star of the night. it's bad table manners (more like selfish/gluttony) but i always have just one bowl of it for myself after dinner. :) so that. is much tastier than popiah fillings. for starters this has sweeet carrots and yummy meat pieces. not much of a carnivore but this meat is tender and breaks away in our mouth. mmm hmmm. but today i'm really ill and not able to taste very well. i didn't have my extra small bowl but i ate enough to be happy. :) it's really easy to make. but a charcoal stove is rather important for this. and the work in grating the turnip. but that's about it. and you have a delicious main dish! side dishes included :
have you seen FISH like that. batam fish. yummy juicy burst of flavour in that huge fillet. and my greeeen veggies. last time we'd put oyster sauce atop blanched veggies. but right now, grandma's discovered a new sauce. and that's even yummier. i.e less salty and it's not gonna happen such that you accidentally put a dollop of oyster sauce in your mouth. ask me if you wanna know ;) till the next meal!

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