Saturday, May 13, 2006

never. be too afraid to use oil. that applies only to the fried mee sua. other than that, cook healthily. :) prawn stock was the key ingredient. my lovely mushrooms. oyster mushrooms, black juicy shitake mushrooms. which totally made up for the mushrooms that never got into my tummy yesterday night. haha. brothers. pros and cons. :) so abalone and baby bok choy, my tad dry steamed minced pork and egg and then there was fried mee sua. with prawn, squid and mushroom overload! hahaha. we are a family that eats for more than less. as a consolation, everyone finished up their portions. but then, my fried mee sua couldn't hold a candle to the one i fried in montreal, even without my mushrooms, squid and prawns on the top left. sorry folks. next attempt. if there ever is another. :/

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