Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Perfect Princess Jamie lives in a kingdom far far away,
Where she rules with much wisdom every single day.

It has been said that Princess Jamie has a magic pearl,
Which she loves more than anything in this world.

This magic pearl gives her everything and fulfils her every need,
So you see my friends, it truly is a very special pearl indeed.

The princess took the pearl with her no matter where she went,
People tried to ask her to put it down but she would not relent.

She was afraid she would lose it if it ever went out of her sight.
So she clung onto it so tightly every day and every night.

One day, she heard a voice that spoke so clearly from above,
He said, “You have to learn to let go of the pearl, my love”

Princess Jamie thought long and hard, she paced up and down,
And as she thought she began to pout and soon she started to frown

Would the princess be able to let go of the pearl she held so dear?
Could she find it within herself to overcome her greatest fear?

She wrestled with the thoughts that were racing through her mind,
And she heard God tell her, “My dear child, everything will be fine”

An unmistakable sense of calm overwhelmed her from head to toe,
All of a sudden, knowing He was there was all she needed to know.

So she placed the magic pearl in her room and went out for the day,
Somehow knowing in her heart that the pearl would surely stay.

When the princess had done all that she needed to do,
She returned to her room and found out it was true.

God had promised her that things would turn out for the best,
And she learned that day that in so many ways she was blessed.

She had Him who loved her more than anything else in the world,
And she broke into a glorious smile when she saw the magic pearl.

The pearl had remained exactly where she had left it,
It had not moved from its position, not even a tiny bit!

So today Princess Jamie is the happiest princess there will ever be,
For she knows some things remain forever—they are there eternally.

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