Sunday, May 07, 2006

pork rib tea!

bak kut teh. which sounds a mile more appetizing than some pork rib tea. imagine drinking it out of a china cup. well i'd do it. if the soup was really good. today's one was packed full of punch. with ample spices and blackkkk pepper. not that i forgot to mention my lovely blood red chillies. just that it's taken for granted. any meal goes with red chillies. don't ask me how i survived 4 months without them as a staple. i drowned myself in mildly sweet napa veggie soup and mashed potatoes. haha. so stewed eggs and fried tofu puffs- lor neng & taupok. trust me. if you speak the language. you get the goods. haha. usually this would go with preserved veggie ends. or cai buay. but i didn't have the pork fat to stewed them in. sigh. next attempt it is! :) enjoy. i'm lazy to put up recipes simply because i do most things by taste. but mail me. if you need the recipe and i'd be happy to oblige! :)

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