Friday, May 12, 2006

guess what was lunch & dinner. little uncle (of course there is a reason for his form of address, nothing to do with acting cute) was over lunch time yesterday to pick up my tarte impossible and the chocolate cookies. grandma of course cooked her scrumptious beehoon. my photos hardly did any justice considering the fact that i dropped off for a nap till 5.30 thinking it was 4.30 still and missed the whole dinner process. these are after eating photos. top right is squid fried with chilli and sweet dark sauce. grandma said she wanted to fry them i.e. fried calamari. but then she decided to cook them in gravy instead. yum for me anyway. bottom left is MY FAVOURITE. egg tofu. egg tofu anything. fried, stewed, steamed. anything. so grandma likes to cook them with prawns and minced meat sometimes. i just take the tofu. :) there were more dishes but those are in happy tummies already. i would've chronicled breakfast. well, that was in my plans but i had to be at some briefing starting at 9 and ending at 10. but to wait my turn was a boring two hours. it was good that i could sleep. but still. 'd rather much sleep at home. ugh. so i was breakfast-less and hungry and sad and tired. ROAR. it didn't help with the flu/cold/whatever. okay. but good food overpowered the faulty taste/smell buds. (at least by a little) and yay. happy me. how do people lose weight when they're feeling under the weather?

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