Monday, May 15, 2006

i figure capturing breakfast wasn't as important as capturing the breakfast spread that has featured on the dining table since time in memorial. i always thought the ingredients were in an insane quantity but the quality is also insanely good. there must be a certain correlation right there! ok it didn't take a genius to figure that out. so it's a happy harmony of coconut milk (the hands that laboriously extract juice from coconut shavings), eggs (tonnes) and sugar (maybe just a ton) and pandan leaf (from the back garden) and there you have kaya. ka-yummy-ya. it's a family emergency when any of the households run out of kaya. it's not just grandma's. everyone else's family gets a share of the loot. :) it's not just mindless stirring. i need my brown caramelized color of kaya. i.e. not them killiney killed-by-eggs pungent and green kaya. and there's a trick to it. the proof is in the pudding. and staring straight out from the photos. 'nuff said. i've yet to capture the final product. which has already been bottled while i was catching my forty winks. yawn. :/

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