Saturday, February 25, 2012

watami @ ion

If anything else. Watami has always been notorious for long waits.
Is it just me? Or does anyone out there share the same feelings?
From the previous experience at Junction 8 and our epic hour and a half wait, I've been hard pressed to find a reason to pay them a visit.
But here I find myself, with a 45 mins wait at Ion. Friend's choice.
Not bad.
We've scaled down the wait time by half.
A step in the right direction. I don't even find myself mildly irritated about the wait.
Although my hungry friend was deeply indignant that every other group went in ahead of us because they came in numbers or 2 and 3. We had a party of 5.
I guess eating in groups would require some thought on viable dinner venues to avoid unnecessarily long waits.
For places like antoinette at mandarin gallery. Be prepared to wait- counting in hours.
If numbers are more than 4.
But I digress.

Now this was pretty new to me. Something that eventually boils off to a dish resembling zosui. Bubbling pot of goodness. For a rainy day or if you're nursing a cold. Comfort food.

And in recognition of my latest obsession, I mean interest in Korean dramas, I made an order for a typically korean rice dish. And this was good. Not as big on veggies as I expected and miserly on their already thinly sliced beef but this was big on taste - enough to be flavourful, not yet to make me a thirsty hippo.
There's really something about having your food hot and eating it. Stone pots, I support!

And this was shared. I took a portion of the salmon. Nothing stellar.
And pretty steep prices for their portions.

In any case, this was an overall good experience.
Bibimbap and beef gukbap. For you, I might just return :)

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