Sunday, February 19, 2012

nothing better than porridge in the pouring rain :)

I came home from camp on Saturday afternoon only to be greeted by the pouring rain. I was all ready to shower and sleep (or maybe skip the shower part) when dad asks me to cook lunch. And how could I say no. Working with the ingredients I had on hand, a seafood porridge seemed like an idea.

Large grey prawns that remained surprisingly fresh even after a week in the freezer. Dried scallops, chicken cubes, oyster sauce, some Fuzhou fishballs. Lettuce. And four eggs. Then there was an added side of preserved vegetables (nyonya styled achar) and auntie alice's dried chilli. :)
I was tired. But everyone was well fed. And there's nothing else I could have better sacrified a nap for.

From my humble abode to yours.


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