Saturday, February 04, 2012

To feel the warmth of hospitality- Hachi Tei

What a huge twitter war!
And obviously lacking in all goodwill and blessings this Chinese New Year. 
The irony? A war about Lo Hei. This was something introduced in 1964- which up till then, Yu Sheng had always been a dish which was eaten during Chinese New Year, but it wasn't until the "Four Heavenly Kings", (chefs of LaiWah, Sin Leong, Dragon Phoenix and now, Red Star) came up with the idea of measured seasonings, assembling the various colorful ingredients, signifying various auspicious meanings that gave birth to what we know today as Yu Sheng. A small portion of raw fish served to small group of people has now transformed to a huge platter of many ingredients to be shared by many people at the table tossing symbolizing sharing of joy, good luck and prosperity.

Let's not take sides on this and agree on the fact that this, my friends, is definitely a pretty sight for an Asian salad. Only available during the Lunar New Year period.

This version at Haachi Tei is an awesomely generous portion and even more generous on ingredients. But still, these take second place as compared to the warm hospitality of the owner herself. Walking into the restaurant will put one who isnt forewarned of the volume at which she speaks and closeness of how she ushers you to your seats, ill at ease.

To be frank, your salad might not look like ours.Girlfriends who've dined there for a period of two years gets us complimentary sharks fin. Which I would gladly skip but appreciated her kind gesture. Portions of fish were ample and fresh. The sauce is premixed, a sort of wafu dressing in which she kindly coaxes you to add in a knob of wasabi to add a different dimension of flavour to the dish. Thats not all. She stands next to you to initiate the rite of tossing. Rehearsing a shout of Huat AH! Her infectious spontaneity makes dining an unusually special affair. Definite stress reliever.
For $36 nett and more than enough for the 7 of us.

She has these cute toothpick holders on every table. This is the first doraemon one we've seen. The others are penguins in different colors. :)

Now that was just a salad right?
And this would be the main course.

Grilled Teriyaki Chicken Don
Oh yum. The chicken was moist and juicy, grilled just right.
But I just had to ask for more of the sweet teriyaki sauce to drizzle over my rice. :)
Just $9 for a rice bowl and miso soup.

And I should also mention that with all the service and hospitality she provides, not a cent is charged for service charge.
Service with a smile, quality and excellence (No strings attached)
Eat up and enjoy! :)

Tel: +65 6535 2988


Susan said...

Only complain I have about this place is that the food usually takes long to arrive. Worse when it's lunch time :P

min~* said...

true that! :) but for no service charge an affordable prices? i make do and leave happy still! :)