Tuesday, February 28, 2012

malay wedding. void deck style.

Just because I never knew I could look like a bimbo if I tried.

Okay. Down to the serious stuff. Blogging is serious. Like seriously. [Disclaimer] This post is written with an insane toothache. Anything out of the ordinary would be due to this stated cause.

Sauce was yums. But the prawns weren't too high on freshness ratings. Just a pair of them.
To have a taste of everything :)

Now this. Sedapppppp-nya!
Sauce was awesome. Spicy hot and sweet all at the same time.
That explosion of flavour coated fried chicken.
A wing and a drumstick for me please! :)

Wet style rendang. This was different from the dry rendang. But in a good way.
The daging lembu was fork tender but still with good bite.
Just two pieces. We've had it with the meats.

Some before/ after mains salad munchers?
This sauce was awesome. Thick. Full of peanuts. Sweet. Hae ko. (Shrimp paste)
I gladly dipped all my rojak ingredients into this. :)

This is the rendition of popcorn chicken. Fish meat of course.
Coated with a flavoured batter. This was a good proportion of batter to fish.
Although it was served barely warm.

Colorful kuih and buah. Fruits and little cake nibbles.
These held little interest for me.
I'd rather eat those almond sugee and sugar flaky pastry at our tables.
Those beat cocktail nuts hands down.

And a serving of chap chye- mixed vegetables of course.
One happy serving! :)

Forget the traditional tiered wedding cakes. Why not dainty rose cupcakes and just that one layer of cake for a symbolic cake cutting ceremony! Almost like an English tea party. :)

And may we not miss out on the belle of the ball herself.
A total transformation into a beautiful blushing bride.
It is a blessed day for her indeed!

And just when I was talking about these eggs I remembered from Malay weddings, look at what
they have evolved into!
A very chi-chi display that convey its intended symbolism in a bunga-telur for fertility's sake.
And a pretty dainty rose tea cup for a wedding favour.
This was a cultural learning journey for me.

Thank you for inviting us to your special day babe.
To many years of wedded bliss ahead! :))

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