Monday, February 27, 2012

cooked. sashimi.

I recently bought some sashimi from a certain supermarket that was the total opposite of -fresh- :(
Frowning at the block of sashimi I bought, I sliced it up, hoping that some parts would be edible with the additions of a lot of wasabi but I was horribly disappointed.
This was everything bad and making matters worse, raw.
Well if fresh ain't fresh, COOK it!
You don't want to run the risk of salmonella. How ironically appropriate.

This was simple.
A pot of drained al dente pasta fusilli and the capellini no. 2s that i had a handful leftover of.
Some Campbell's Mushroom Soup and two spoonfuls of Nespray (boosts creaminess and creates that je nais sais quoi taste of a lil sweetness :)) for the sauce.
Now topple in those salmon pieces to cook in the remaining heat, more than sufficient.
A flat teaspoon of salt, a generous dash of oregano and black pepper mixed in.
Top with a slice of cheddar and come back in a bit.
All melted and deliciously cheesy.

Perfect for microwaveable lunch the following day.
But who am I kidding. Eat it fresh off the stove! :) 

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