Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Changi T3 on a Saturday night

This Merlion. No matter how strange looking has become a familiar national icon.
A lion head with a mermaid's tale. The romantic interpretation of Singapura.
Now dressed in a coat of green, dotted with brilliant burst of colours from the flowers.
This must take a lot of daily work from the landscapers. Literally to cut it down to size, and
to keep it in shape eh. :)

I would've never imagined the queues at the dining outlets in Changi T3 on a Saturday night but well, I saw it for myself. And no way were we waiting. Well, I would. But with 70 year old senior citizens (who are pretty fit still!), a son with a flight to catch, we eventually settled for a restaurant with almost full capacity but no queues.

Thai Express it would have to be.
They are running these promotions on new items that I haven't yet seen before.
Curry with Thai style pancake *ahem prata that's supposed to be award-winning and
these sets that were pretty value for money.

Dad surprised me with a choice of softshell crab rice with egg and green curry sauce. The softshell crab was fried well with enough crisp batter and not burnt to a crisp. The sauce was good. Green curry mixed with egg made for a thick gravy that went well with rice. This would be on my list of to-order mains next time.

 Mum made an order for a green curry fried rice set that came with a small serving of vermicelli clear soup and a pulut hitam. For $12.90. She was too far away for me to take a peekture of the food. The rice was a little oily but definitely green and yums. :)

I wanted something soupy for my tummy and this looked just like it did in the menu.
Essentially just bean vermicelli mixed in with seafood and vegetables to be cooked in broth.
This would've been fun if it came in an individual hotpot for me to cook my own noodles.
But I suppose there's nothing quite -express- about it.
Spicy. Sweet. They could've been more generous with the serving of soup.
But this was comfort enough.

Before I blew up from the indignance of being patronized. Our orders for a char kway teow for the one person catching a flight was not served up till he eventually left for his flight without dinner. Now this was. not. what I had expected. It would've been manageable had we been informed that the dish would take a while to arrive. But honestly? A lag time between the first dish and the last dish was at least 25 minutes. Tardiness at an express restaurant.
Food for thought.

Aside from that major misdemeanor, the food that was actually served was pretty good. Better than some other outlets I've been to. :)


Nami | Just One Cookbook said...

That softshell crab rice with egg and green curry sauce looks delicious!!! I was also surprised to see "sukiyaki" in the menu. I think its somewhat Japanese fusion? You have lots of delicious food pictures on your blog, not lunch time yet but made me very hungry! :-)

min~* said...

:) yes I do believe so! Thai people do like jap food :) come back anytime for mire foodventures! have a good lunch! :)

Anonymous said...

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