Saturday, May 03, 2014

The Provision Shop @ Everton Park

My only foray into Everton Park was for Sebastian's.
And that was a couple of years back.
Since then, the scene at Everton Park has largely evolved into a hipster chic neighbourhood.
Definitely time for an update on this once-quiet and sleepy estate.

In the void decks of HDB estates, it would be a gem to find a mama shop- a candid slang for a provision shop, that sold everything we needed. From basic necessities of bread and newspapers to candies and sweet treats for the lil young tot who's brought along for a walk.

Of course this wasn't about to be a review of a mama shop.
But let's atas my shop.
And call it as it should be- "The Provision Shop"
From hotelier Loh Lik Peng and Chef Anthony Yeoh of Cocette, comes a trendy cafe with details and decorations of old world charm.

And it started right from the outset of things.
A row of colorful chairs from a kindergarten classroom that seemed too small for comfort.
But here, my male models have shown that 
a) it's not just for kindergarten kids
b) it can hold its own weight pretty well
c) grown ups can settle themselves into these comfortably
d) no chairs were harmed before/during/after this photo. :)

White washed brick wall with their namesake.
Wine crate with several chopping boards leaned comfortably off the side.
A wire basket for crossiants
And a pulley system with a Milo tin.
Not for change but for tips. :)
Which spoke volumes for my childhood since there was one just like this at Ah Kong's old provision shop in Desker Road when I was just a tiny bub.

But the display case, was dismal.
If not, tragic.
I was looking forward to looking at boards of handmade treats and sweets as stenciled on the blackboard.
But all I found were these four items, loaves of breads and the truffled mushroom tarts stacked haphazardly at the bottom corner.

I loved that the menu was straightforward.
Hello hot food!

I usually do a flat white.
But after reviews that their latte was uninspiring,
I decided on a Cappucino instead.

Utensils in what looks to me, like tin for homemade love letters.
The cappucino was well executed.
Stiff foam on top with a dusting of chocolate powder
making way to reveal milky coffee underneath.
None of that acidic aftertaste that has surfaced on so many reviews.

Reuben sandwich came highly recommended as a must order item.
And when it came, it was also nothing like the reviews.
Definitely not sourdough bread flown in from France.
This was regular white toast.
And where's my sauekraut?

But let's just review what's in front of me, shall we?
A substantial morning sandwich,
the slices of corned beef were thin and layered generously
with a slice of melted swiss cheese.
The piquant Russian dressing was an orangey hue,
which even in the absence of sauerkraut 
did a brilliant job of breaking the salty monotony of the beef slices.
Held together by two slices of white toast pressed in the sandwich grill perhaps a little too enthusiastically since there were parts where I could hardly cut through.

The homemade coleslaw with purple cabbage, cabbage and carrots was quite the suitable companion to this sandwich serve.

First bite immediately reminded me of the signature smoked meat sandwiches from Schwartz in Montreal.

This order of Eggs Benedict was an affordable tenner.
The poached eggs were done beautifully.
The yolks flowed once broken over the smoked salmon slices.
The hollandaise sauce was savoury and light enough to be enjoyed mopped up with the thick toast.

We also had an order of the pierogies to try, made from a recipe by Chef Anthony's stepsister.
The first time I had pierogies were also from Montreal.
At $6 a pop,
these were slightly pricey.
A huge Polish dumpling stuffed with potato
topped with a generous dollop of sour cream, bacon and chives.

Definitely share this.
It would be too overwhelming to finish alone.

Nuts about smoked salmon.
The servings of smoked salmon of a fresh coral pink contrasted perfectly with the thin strips of cucumber skin on.
I would've expected zucchini to be used on this.
But the cucumber slices were thankfully not bitter as some do turn out.
The apples were refreshingly sweet and juicy.
Tossed with walnuts in a walnut aioli.
A balanced meal choice.
Light salad heavy on omega three fish goodness.

They also have a selection of alcoholic ginger beers on offer.
In the morning, yes.
And we tried the spiced orange flavour which was refreshing and deceptively tasty.
Coming from a non-drinker,
just a friendly reminder. :)

The staff is quietly efficient and unobtrusive.
We got the occassional rounds of feedback on the food and an inquiry for desserts, once they saw that our tables had been cleared of plates.
We much appreciated the service standards here.
And randomly, be warned that an extended stay indoors does unfortunately have you leave with the lingering smell of cooked food.

Celebrating no work day on Labour Day at the void decks of Everton Park. :)

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