Thursday, May 08, 2014

Have a break, have a -baked- KitKat

Yes. In an oven.
Oven baked.
Nestlé Japan has developed a new mini KitKat that can be eaten as chocolate bar or baked.
All the way from Japan,
a creation by Chef Yasumasa Takagi comes the Bake 'n tasty mini kitkat-Custard Pudding Flavour 
Not that I didn't trust my aunt who speaks and writes Japanese.
But why would I be willing to bake my kitkats?!
What would I do if it melted into nothingness?
So of course I opened my first packet and...
ATE it.
White chocolate.
The taste of caramel.

But of course, before I ate up all the other fingers,
my aunt was already busy preparing the oven tray for our mini bake.
And if you read Japanese like her,
click here.
But if you didn't.

Then follow either the video,

How to make a baked kitkat

or just read on right here.

1. Refrigerate the mini kitkat fingers.
Once they are sufficiently hard to the touch, unwrap them for baking.
2. Cover your oven tray with aluminium foil.
3. Set the kitkat fingers on the foil,
leaving some space in between fingers.
4. Bake for about 2 minutes without preheating the oven.
5. Don't look away!
Because these babies brown in no time.
You really don't want them burnt.
And because you don't want your tongue burnt either- 
6. Let them cool for a bit before popping them into your mouth.
7. Enjoy the taste of...
Crème brûlée

That's exactly what it tasted like.
A nicely burnt sugar surface, followed by a deliciously caramel layer and the much loved familiar crunch of wafer in the middle. 

But that was a lot of work just to enjoy a Kitkat.
It was a novelty for us.
I'm pretty sure I'd be popping the rest of them fingers in my mouth without baking.
But wait.
A pack of 13 double fingers and only 4 left?

You guys...

** Just a closing note of caution, don't be baking the normal Kitkats. You're in for a fire hazard if you do. I kid you not.

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