Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Cooking for family

Diced 4 water chestnuts.
Peel and chop 12 medium sized grey prawns into three parts.
Mix 400g of minced pork and diced water chestnut with 2 tbsp of oyster sauce, a dash of sesame oil, white pepper and a tsp of soya sauce.
Chop spring onions to be used either mixed into the filling or as a garnish for the soup.
(I divided the pork into two portions for two different types of filling- for a 云吞: minced pork, chestnut and spring onions/ for a 水饺: minced pork, shrimp and chestnut)

Makes enough filling for one pack of wanton wrappers, approximately 34 sheets.

For each wanton wrapper, place a generous ball of pork and shrimp filling in the middle before sealing with beaten egg and crimping the ends tightly.

Bring water to a boil before putting in the dumplings to cook. 
The dumplings are ready when the skin turns slightly translucent and they float up to the surface.
Serve in a stock made from simple boiled ikan bilis and peeled prawn heads reserved from earlier (or simply use Knorr ikan bilis MSG free cubes).

Serve dried with the noodles blanched and tossed in a base of sesame oil, oyster sauce, a little soup stock and sambal chilli (optional)
Top with dumplings, roasted bbq pork and chinese kale.

Or simply serve in soup. :)

The dumplings were no sweat.
It's the separate blanching of vegetables and noodles together with the final assembly of soup/ dried orders of noodles that took a while.

But all worth it.
Tummy satisfied!

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