Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Supply & Demand

Happily Ever Laughter was a right laugh.
But looking for a dinner venue post comedy was no joke.

We were about to settle for Gluttons Bay and brave the heat and acrid smell of smoke and all things cooked when we chanced upon Supply & Demand just behind Mansion.
And wasn't this the place that my friend has so many a time urged me to visit because a couple of the owners were her friends?

It took a long while but I've finally made it here.
By a serendipitous chance at that.

With nary a queue and opening hours till 1am on a Thursday, this was the perfect place to get away from the mad queues and oppressive heat even in the night.
The restaurant interior is lit by warm yellow lighting that gave a comfortable cosy feel to its diners.
I was intrigued by the menu handed to us on a clipboard- Peruvian?
But that exotic a taste, I'd leave till the next visit.

It was now 10 pm and we just needed some familiar favourites to fill our tummies.
Flipping back to the section on Italian offerings,
there were pages of pizza toppings, risottos and pastas with three different base sauces.

Because the owners know that with 20 different types of pizzas, people were bound to want to try different flavours, they had an option to have a split pizza.
This was our order by recommendation from their warm and friendly service staff- The Morning After and Chorizo & Italian Sausage for some meat.

They have the most refreshing tea coolers here.
Not too sweet and filled with a chock full of your choice of fruit, we had a strawberry and a peach picked for me on request.
Perfectly thirst quenching.
They also carry cider from Brothers and we had a Toffee Apple which was deliciously light on the palate.

And it couldn't just be pizza could it?
Late night supper club calls for some fries.

With a side of guilt.
Thick cut fries topped with sliced jalepenos and parsley.
The guilt kicks in from the thick cheese sauce poured over the fries.
The cheese sauce, while nicely addictive, was mostly pooled at the bottom of the tin.
The fries unfortunately made soggy by the addition of the sauce.
This was served with a curiously mismatched barbeque sauce.
Would've been better if the cheese sauce was served as the complementary dip. 

They have a rooftop bar as well, for the after-dinner drinks in a pretty al fresco area with a view of the riverfront.
It was wet and rainy that night so we only ventured up for a look before we left.

Perhaps I'd try those exotic Peruvian offerings on my next visit.
Have you already tried them?

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