Sunday, May 11, 2014

Something new is brewing at McCafé!

The first McCafé in Singapore opened in 2003 and over the years has quietly established itself with a laidback approach to quality coffee at an unbeatable value located conveniently islandwide alongside most of your favourite McDonalds outlet.

My favourite Himalayan Tea Latte, a soothing sweet milky tea infused with notes of cinnamon for a slight spice with the cutest latte art.

In an effort to kickstart McCafé's long-term commitment to celebrate and champion creativity amongst youths in the community, McCafé will be launching a series of complimentary Coffee Appreciation Workshops to give young coffee lovers an opportunity to learn more about their coffee and have free expression of their creativity using coffee as their canvas.

Youths between the ages of 16-35

As long as you're looking like our ages, you should qualify to apply.

A three hour workshop learning from the talented baristas from McCafé led by Master Trainer, Mr Hilmi Mohamed- an effervescent man who bubbles over with his passion for all things coffee.
The workshop will allow participants to discover the history of coffee and origin of McCafé, watch a latte art presentation, try their hand at handling the coffee machine to prepare a cup of Cappucino and how to froth the milk. To conclude the session, participants will get to showcase their talents and express their creativity at latte art and plate art.  
And we had the privilege of being the first few to be taken on a preview of the new and exciting series of workshops for people like you and I.
The selected baristas from various outlets will patiently walk you through the process.

Telling you more about the finer points of the gold standard of foam and latte art.

As they encourage and watch you bring your creativity to life.

On a cup of latte made from McCafé's espresso with 100% Arabica beans.

Couldn't have done it without you, Hongliang from McCafé, Northpoint. Much appreciated. Thanks!

And what's plate art?

Bringing your food to life as far as your creativity brings you. Or at least, where mine brought me.

At McCafé of course.
Starting in September on 6th and 13th of September where the first two sessions will be held, to coincide with the September school holidays. The sessions will be limited to a maximum of 10 participants.
The next two workshops are slated for December 2014.
Registration will take place from 18th August to 1st September 2014. Simple drop them an email at :

I know where I'd be heading for my next cuppa. :)
Thanks to for the invite and to the marketing team of McDonalds and staff at McCafé.

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