Monday, May 19, 2014

Morton's celebrates its sweet 16th anniversary with $16 treats

From 5-7pm every Monday to Saturday, let's get happy.
At Morton's Mortini nights.
(And really bad photo attempts since lighting up is but an option to be overlooked.)

Now at $15.95, these martinis aren't going for cheap. 
And why is the bar still running full capacity for these two hours every evening?

If you haven't tried it yet.
You should.
These martini glasses contain housepours with 3 oz of vodka/ gin unlike the single shots that one usually gets for a cocktail order.
So be prepared to get happy. :)

And since the last time I checked,
I was still alcohol intolerant but took sips of the Appletini rimmed with cinnamon powder.
It smelt like green apple Hi-Chew
And actually pretty delish.
I would've downed a glass had I been prepared to live with a week-long allergic reaction.
Of course, I wasn't.

I'm hardly buzzed from my sips of green apple hi-chew.
And I remembered that we were here for Morton's Prime Burger.
Going at a sweet deal of $16 instead of the usual $35.
Just for the month of May.

You essentially get a deconstructed burger.
And instead of the usual shoe string fries, we got some thick cut wedges.
Perfectly fried. 
Crisp on the outside, fluffy and very satisfying on the inside.
With a dollop of mayonnaise no less.

My selection was for Swiss cheese and sauteed mushrooms.


The fist-sized patty was all of what I was looking for in a burger that night.
Thick. Juicy.
Essentially beef.
Sitting atop a bun to soak up all the juices once I made a cut with my knife and watched as the juices oozed out.
I skipped the assembly and ate it as is.

Because no one sits at the bar AT MORTON'S and uses her hands to eat.

And my dining companion chose cheddar instead with sauteed mushrooms.
The cheddar was a little bit too salty for my liking and melted into an unsightly orange yellow gloop.
She couldn't finish hers.

And we both wished for a more generous serving of mushrooms.

We sat and while we ate over random chatter, 
we watched the bartenders behind the counter filling out orders with expert flair.
Once happy hour ended at 7pm,
the orders of Bombay Blue took over.

There were martini orders, but not the flavoured ones.
And there were quite a few with orders of blue cheese filled olives.
I mean, really?
Pardon my immature palate but I could hardly comprehend a drink like that.

It was a chillax night out.
And amidst all that crazy buzz of human traffic and noise,
I'd be back for a Mortini night.
Even if I hardly drank.
For their offerings of Morton's steak sandwiches.
Fluffy soft buttered buns with a silver of steak in between.
And if only just for the ambience and laidback vibe at the cosy bar at Morton's.

*If you're here for the $16 sweet deals, they start at 7pm.
**Morton's Prime Burger and Slingtini are only available at Bar 1221 and Bar@Morton's located at the atrium.
***The Legendary Hot Chocolate Lava Cake deal is only available at the main dining room with every order of entrée or main course at its main dining room.

Ends 31st May 2014.

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