Monday, May 19, 2014

Llao Llao

a picture does paint a thousand words.

It's our first attempt at a Llao Llao.
Pronounced 'yow yow'.
More of hers than mine.
Since I always get my share of Llao Llao from beloved people who pick up a cup of happiness to be shared all around.

Looking like absolute country bumpkins,
we decided to join the queue for our cup of LlaoLlao.
Me: "That. I always get to eat those big sizes with three toppings in a huge white cup."
E: "But the ones I see being posted are always those in the see-through plastic cups."
Me: "How are we gonna order?"
E: (speaks to the oblivious girl infront) "Oh. Excuse me. What did you just order?"
E: "Mmm. Sanum."
Me: (reads) "Three fruits, honey, cereal and frozen yoghurt."

Kiwi, blueberry and strawberry.
(It was almost closing time and there were a couple of mini fruit flies around the 
tired looking cut fruits that had been there all day. 
We chose the ones that looked the least cause for stomach upsets.)
llaocrostinis- these morsels of yum. Chocolate covered muesli.
Praline sauce for toppings.
Hmm. Where's the honey in this?

First ever cup of Llao Llao.
E: "I can't see the fruits. 
The color of the praline doesn't look good. 
Oh no, it's not going to be a nice photo."

Still, Good job us.

We'll be back for another soon enough.
Just because it was a pretty good tasting froyo. :)

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