Tuesday, April 29, 2014


Romanticising life through a flower in bloom.
A fairly new cafe and bakery that has sprung up along the riverside at Robertson Quay.
Right next to Toby's Estate.

What's up?
Wooden beams and birdcage lamp fixtures.

What's below?
Retro-style floral motifs on ceramic tiles.

What's you seated on?
Steel frame chairs and muted gray sofas.

Surroundings of rattan/steel baskets, wooden shelves and simple table decorations of lavender stalks give character to this rustic village like cafe 
along the Singapore River at Robertson Blue.

A 3-D panel of white washed pebbles in varying shapes and sizes made for an interesting photo background.
If you're lucky enough to snag a seat at the tables here.
To which, I could not resist.
And it couldn't have been more perfect. 

The Anthesis blend- a custom blend of Sumatran, Guatemalan and Brazilian beans with chocolate notes and a lingering bitter orange aftertaste.
This was perfectly paired with a good milk to coffee ratio in my flat white.

Perfect never looked better.

The Pegasus breakfast platter.
For $28.
An egg pot pie with savoury minced beef in a tomato base that I wished had runny yolk, 
More eggs- scrambled this time, atop a chicken snail sausage that was deliciously done, 
Streaky bacon too dry and hard for my poor teeth, 
Smoked salmon perfect from the pack 
And sweet duck breast- might've been the sweet vinigarette dressing on the side salad.
All was good till we got to the breads.
These were toasted so much, they crumbled apart at first bite like hollow biscuits.
Just like my hopes of freshly baked bread love at this artisan boulangerie.


I did want to pick up a baguette for takeaway at the counter but it was soft to the touch?
Perhaps today was not a good day for breads.

Because we didn't have space for desserts, you'll be sure we'd be back.
For that and.
My current house blend of choice.


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