Saturday, April 26, 2014

Patisserie G

Patisserie G. 
Simplistic decor and quiet spaces within.
We were lucky to get a seat in the cafe on a Friday night.
One of the four tables and a bar counter occupying the space indoors.
But they have since extended their seating area outdoors where there's a large expanse of space and are currently in the midst of expansion to the unit next door.

Executive pastry chef and owner of the cafe- Gwen Lim, is Le Cordon Bleu trained and she also did a stint at Pierre Herme.
The dessert choices are not extensive and much appreciatively so.
Exquisite cakes with pricey tags sit in neat rows on display.

And how could one skip her signature G spot?
A piece of gold foil anointing the otherwise nondescript chocolate dome, the description was enough to speak of its richness.
Dark chocolate mousse with chocolate meringue on a chocolate hazelnut praline crunch base.
Have you already lost count of the chocolate that lie within one dessert choice?
It was rich but not cloyingly so and the base crunch gave added dimensions to the smooth dark chocolate mousse.
C'est tres bon.

And just so there was some balance for my tastebuds that have started to malfunction in chocolate heaven, we made an order for the Lemon Cheesecake.
Covered in a layer of gelatin and flecked with crushed vanilla bean.
It was a refreshing palate cleanser with a slightly singed dark biscuit base.

We made an order of the hot chocolate to savour.
It was rich with chocolate afrom the Normandy region of France.
This although was a small serving, should be shared or the essence of any other chocolate dessert would be overshadowed.

Cold water is available on self serve.

And an order of double shot macchiato with added steamed milk was a perfect complement to hit the G spot.

A perfect way to end a Friday night.

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