Sunday, April 27, 2014

The Plain

Keeping things simple stupid.
And simple be the key here.

The menu is posted on the wall near the entrance.
All-day breakfast foods along the likes of bircher muesli, fruit salad, eggs, sandwiches and toasts.
Prices are stated for both the half and full serving of the items.
If I were you, I'd go on an empty stomach and have a full serving. 

Darling's Eggs.
Ham, cheese, roma tomatoes and a delightfully done poached egg on a crisp sourdough toast.
I wished there was hollandaise sauce on my eggs but halfway through the first serving, I've all about forgotten about wanting any sort of sauce to ruin my perfectly paired toasts.

We also had a serving of Vegemite.
Because you couldn't do Oz without this brown spread made from leftover Brewer's yeast extract with spices and various vegetables.
How's that for nutrition?

My staple of flat white (not in picture) with microfoam and pretty latte art was smooth and easy on the tastebuds but I wished there was more of a caffeine kick than the creamy milk aftertaste.

One of their friendly serving staff came over to tell us that they were stepping out for a bit just in case we needed anything while they were out.
It's just like being at home.

And here, they don't take note of your orders for the bill.
Because apparently that's the way things are done in Melbourne.
It's strange that I had to repeat my orders at the counter but there wasn't any queue then so it was fine waiting for my orders to be keyed in and fumbling about for cash to pay. 
It's a system of trust and I like those vibes very much.
But I'd hate to see how it'd be on a busy day, waiting in line to pay.

But today,
Fuss free dining.
I loved my kickback and chillax here at The Plain.

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