Saturday, April 26, 2014


What is a third wave coffee movement?
The first wave being the type of coffee one would get at hotels and restaurants a long way back, possibly a decade or two.
The second wave would be the one that we are much familiar with- the likes of Starbucks and Coffee Bean.
And then there came the third.

Coffee movement for cafes who bring coffee enthusiasts together. They pride themselves on the attention given to the origins and quality of the beans. 
And of course, the brewing process as well.
You'll be sure there is an option for single origin beans at these establishments.
Here at Assembly, they use beans from Geisha and Liberty. 
Support local!

I was really here for their waffles.
All these posts of deliciously enticing waffles and amazing choco-ccinos from a friend who is a photography whiz left me without question to make a trip down to this establishment on a weekday for a post-work coffee hangout.
The waffle did satiate my tastebuds but not mind blowingly so.
The higher the expectations, the more it takes to close the gap between reality and actual experience.

We also had a spinach and ham quiche that was savoury and had a good tart base. 
The side salad was small. 
And really just a few leaves you can count on one hand.

The homemade granola was good.
And with a side of greek yoghurt to pair.

And how did the coffee fare?
My flat white was smooth and there was a good milk to coffee ratio.
Nothing like a good cuppa to have over a girlfriend chat.

Unfortunately though, our coffee orders somehow disappeared in the queue and we watched as four other tables received their orders except us.
There was only one instance of an apology that our drink orders had been forgotten.
And 'nary much that the staff did.
Except to make and serve those orders 
upon a polite query after our impossibly long wait.
Strange that we were ridden with such service, it wasn't the case for any other tables.

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