Monday, March 10, 2014

Savour 2014 @ lunch

Nothing more the treat than going to Savour a second time with a girlfriend :)
The sun was relentless.

Walking straight into the air conditioned comfort of Barilla Studio for another fuss free pasta recipe.
Yet another traditional recipe.
This time, it was the Bolognese Tagliatelle.
My favourite choice of pasta and a traditional take on the bolognese sauce.
Just to make things easy for the purposes of their demonstrations, a blender was used to chop the mix of vegetables finely before it was stir fried with some extra virgin olive oil and minced beef.

Buon Appetito!

This ended just in time for the Nespresso Atelier class still within the Savour Experience Arcade.

The presenter was very well informed and I've learnt a lot more than I've ever cared to know about the espresso and the reason for all the times I've tasted no difference in the various Grand Crus.

A thick and healthy amount of crema indicates that your coffee is fresh when extracted.
Pushing away the crema really made for a difference in smell and taste.
I'm ashamed to say I've been doing coffee wrong my whole life!

The selection of cheese at the Jasons Market never fails to impress me.
And nothing this camembert and brie could do to disappoint.

There are, of course, treats for the sight as well as for taste. :)

I felt like a kid in a candy shop!
These were much too sweet for my liking though.

Deciding to brave the unforgiving heat, we made our way out to the open air seating area to grab some food.

Since Mao Tai was a must in this crazy heat,
we made our way to Bo Innovation to pick up a xiao long bao to try as well.

Mmmm. :)
It was a tad on the salty side.
But that moment,  releasing the taste so familiar before it just disintegrates into nothingness in your mouth.

Nothing like Mao Tai to beat the heat.

And these truffles from the UAE, were made of 100% cocoa butter.
And these were so rich, they were the epitome of decadence.
The tanginess of raspberry that accentuated the chocolate, simple happiness in cookies and cream, the nibs of coffee beans in coffee and that robust taste of champagne.
We couldn't tell one from the other, but the taste was impeccably unmistakable.
We loved them all.
And a box of 4 for $14 suddenly seemed like a fair price to pay.

That's David Keru who was introducing the slab of beef and preparing the different cuts and explaining painstakingly on the finer essences of each.
Unfortunately I didn't manage to find time to stay for the tastings.
But I've learnt a fair bit from his expertise.

Savour 2014.
It's been great being there for a dinner and a lunch.
Come, celebrate the delicious next year for those who missed it this time! :)

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