Thursday, January 10, 2013

wagamama :)

wholesome food for the pan asian palate.
or the homesick people actually.
that's codeword for DAD.
he's the traditional chinese food man.
too many sandwiches a day make dad a dull boy.
it was a madly cold day out watching the changing of guards at Buckingham.
hiding in shops to thaw.
we finally decided to walk over to Victoria where they'd be watching the afternoon show for Wicked.

Wagamama's! :)

These guys have generous servings and complimentary miso and ocha.
It's no wonder they have a constant traffic of diners.
Walking into the interiors of the restaurant strikes up an immediate image of FFT @ Botanical Gardens.
Long communal style canteen tables.
Brackets below the tables for your personal items and coat hangers at the side.
It seemed like a place with quick turnovers and lunch fixes at first glance.
Then you realise that there's free WiFi on Cloud and there are a number of people quietly working on Macbooks having a leisurely dining experience.
I liked the atmosphere. :)

A large bowl of cha han.
Generous both in servings of rice and ingredients.
This looked infinitely promising.
but lacked flavour making the odd dash of chilli powder, chilli oil and soy sauce a necessary evil.

yaki soba.
coming across as highly recommended on the reviews.
This did not disappoint. :)
Wok fired and flavourful.

Now this was our second visit at Covent Garden before Singin' in the Rain.
Our preferred choice of pre-theatre dining.
Fuss free and deliciously satisfying.
Dad picked a Katsu Curry don.
Hmm. I'd rather not.
The katsu was over fried and just too dry.
The curry sauce lacked depth.
But the japanese rice was delicious with the sauce.

Happy campers. :)
And then he hides from the camera because of his beanie hair. 

Loving London.

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