Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Borough Market on a day too cold to be out on the streets of #London.

Morning walk through the floors of Tate Modern.
My parents brush with Art.
Pun totally intended.
The winds were harsh and streets too cold.
Yet we walked on past Shakespeare's Globe towards Borough Market.
Without a shelter to hide,
it was the food that took our mind off the cold for a bit.
A very short bit.

The Mont d'Or
Simply heat and serve for a deliciously simple cheese fondue.

The costs weren't for the smells. But take my advice.
No. Don't smell it.
It's good when infused in oil.
But that's as far as we go.
I mean, as far as we stay away.

This was new.
I didn't see a demo kitchen last time I was here.
Four years ago?
It's been that long already.

I actually have no idea what it was but it had a pungent meat taste.
Too pungent to be enjoyable.
It was huge on fat and anything hot tasted better that it would on a cold, cold day.

But this!

Was just as good as I remembered.

Thai Green Curry was awesome.
With rice.
So was the Vietnamese Curry.


And pricey it seems.
A treat for the eyes!

Mum's lunch.

We grabbed a weiner.
With tomato and sauerkraut.
Dad had a smoked meat sandwich.
My parents and their less than preferred food choices.
Thanks for sticking it out with us :)

Raclette cheese.

Shaved and served with new baby potatoes.
Walking onwards to London Bridge after thawing in the church.

I kid you not.
It was THAT cold.
Look at their faces.
And no, they didn't stay to watch the tower bridge lift.

But they waited for me to.
I was too excited for my own good.
I almost froze over in the cold.
London Bridge is lifting up.
Falling down.
Lifting up.

Shop on.
Too cold to do anything else but hang out in the shopping streets of Oxford Circus.
Their first experience on Primark.
No one went mad shopping. We came out with small paperbags.
Good job!
And a good fifteen minute walk home to Cosway Street right where Marylebone is.

Seashell of Lisson Grove and their awesome cod and chips.
Takeaway packed with pots of tomato, mustard and vinegar.
Rough cut chips with mayo and tomato.
The indulgence.
And because we wanted a rice meal...

Minced beef and mushroom cooking on the stove.

Chef Nigel and I.
With the simplest of salt and black pepper from the cafe at Tate Modern.
Oil from the minced beef.
We managed a decent fried shortgrain rice attempt at home.
Topped with hand pulled pieces of buffalo mozzarella.
This was simple.
Simply satisfying.


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