Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Late night supper club before Royal China at the iconic Raffles Hotel

What's the draw of Geylang?
Foodwise that is.
Dim sum at 126.
Beef Hor Fun at Lorong 9.
That's also where the frog leg porridge is.
Or perhaps Yong He soybean milk at Lorong 27A.
But of course, there's also the durians that are in season all year round these days.

Lorong 9 but definitely not beef hor fun.
They had three tables and none looking particularly satisfied.
More variety would definitely be more appealing.
So there we go with some oyster omelette.

Sambal stingray.
The sambal was addictive.
But of course I like yours better.

A medium sized porridge and two frogs.
The gravy is always good though.
Savoury and terribly salty.
Porridge cooked to a thick starchy gruel.
Drizzled or drowned in gravy.
Yum. :)


Soybean for dessert of course.
Most of us had milk, just one bowl of curd. 
At $1.70 it was a one half times the normal serving.
But it was hardly inspiring.
Company was good of course.
Planning the next dive trip already :)
Getting home at 5am was not funny when I had a dim sum appointment at 130 the next day.

They have three seatings for their dim sum menu.
1130h -1230h
1230h - 1330h
1330h - 1500h
If you didn't want to rush, it'd be best to take the last slot.
But do not that last order is at 1445h.
And book in advance.
Walk-ins are entertained but be prepared to wait if you're lucky and disappointed if you aren't.

Prawn wrapped in beancurd skin.
This would not be something I'd order.
But he wanted it.
It was well, fried.

Scallop porridge.
I like the crispy biscuits atop but I'd rather have it on the side to add when I want it.

Prawn dumplings.
Siew mai.
One of the quintessential orders on a dim sum menu.
Full on flavour.
A shrimp on top and deliciously satisfying minced pork filling.
The wolfberries had by now lost their color and there was no added value to this.
Definitely not aesthetics.

Now this, I really love.
The pastry.
Brings out the worse in me.
And selfishly wanting the entire portion to myself.
The barbecued pork within was lean slices of meat coated in a sticky red honey sauce.
I really should not be doing a post at 1am.
How am I going to fall asleep in peace later?

And if you love prawns.
This crystal shrimp dumpling would be the other habitual order in a dim sum dining experience.
Thin yet packs a bite.

We had add-ons of a prawn cheong fun that had 3 rolls filled with juicy fresh crystal prawns.
The rice flour rolls were just thick enough to hold the filling together and their blandness was enriched by the salty gravy.
That's value for money indeed. 
The other item was a fried yam and minced pork dumpling.
Wu kok.

This came as a surprise.
It's usually a closed dumpling.
Nonetheless, this was deliciously delicate.
The yam held the fat fillings of minced pork and diced mixed vegetables topped with chopped scallops.

And no it wasn't costly.
Between the two of us and 7 items,
the bill came up to $56 ish.
This might actually be cheaper than dining at Peach Garden.

A quick trip to Funan for the nerd to pick up some Nerf Gun parts.
He's modifying it.
Oh what a child.

Vittorria cafe latte for him and a Early Grey Lavender Gryphon tea for me with honey.
For a perfectly lazy Sunday afternoon at Skyve.

Be still my rumbling tummy.
Till the next weekend! :)

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