Sunday, January 06, 2013

Birthday Treat @ Au Chocolat

With absolutely no plan in mind.
No destination considered.
We hopped onto a train and headed towards the city.
Tapas perhaps?
Two hungry people.
Probably not.
Oh it's about to rain.
Let's just do something indoors and sheltered from the rain.
How about MBS then.
Au Chocolat?
Let's go!

A store!
Selling a selection of sweets and treats, a takeaway gelato counter and their adorable mascot.
And chocolate of course!


With generous dustings of cocoa powder.

Train tracks! But there weren't any trains running.
It reminded me of the Macdonalds at the old King Albert Park.
There was an old world charm in the theme of their decorations.
With clocks that displayed different timings.
I didn't pay close attention.
Might've been local and one other time zone?
What should we have for dinner?
Signatures of course.

Duck confit with mash, carrots and poached pears with creamed spinach.
Deep fried instead of pan fried for a confit made it drier than it would've ideally been.
But fork tender and satisfyingly crisp on the outside.
My girlfriend was extremely pleased with the order.
It's the first time I've seen her wipe her plate clean!

Calamari Rings with their special green sauce.
Just looks like tartar with chives perhaps? 

I actually made an order for a chicken mushroom crepe and side of truffle fries.
My google page decided to load itself.
And the reviews appeared in front of me.
From a few websites.
"Can you check on my order. I'd like to make a switch from crepe to burger, fries to calamari. Since I already have fries on the side."
"Sorry mam, it's already been cooked."
"Well. Would someone else possibly order what I just did?"
"Let me check again."
"Okay. I've voided it and put in your new order."
"Thank you. SO much." :)
I enjoyed it.
We both did. 
She could eat the bacon and portobello mushroom and fries even though she didn't take beef.

This is our bestseller for 2012.
The Praline.
It wasn't a top choice for me honestly.
I wanted a chocolate tart.
Or maybe an apple pie.

And just to balance out the sweetness.
We chose a tart White chocolate raspberry cheesecake.

I could taste the white chocolate.
Which was a definite plus.
And the raspberry swirls were refreshingly tart.
But the base?
Soggy and insignificant.
Must've been kept for a bit.

We were stuffed.
But Friday night hey.
We had to be out for some drinks.

Let's do Coast on the MBS Boardwalk.
Lychee mojito.
At $17.

And Australian chillax bar.
They've got support from the Aussie community.
So much so that there's a private dining area located in a level below inside the bar.
How privileged mate!

These might actually be refried.
And full on FAT.
But let's just do it with the works.
Tomato, thai chilli sauce and garlic aioli.
We had additional pots of these sauces.
Deliciously addictive.
And at $9,
decently satisfying portions.
It was a crazy Friday night out with girlfriends.

Thanks for the birthday treat.
Much <3 ed="ed" hey.="hey." p="p">
*hugs :)

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