Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Belgos Centraal Covent Garden

Half kilo of mussels for 5 pounds?
Only if you arrive at 5pm.
Beat the Clock!
Anytime between 5-630pm.
The dishes on the special menu will cost you the price reflected on the time of your arrival.

Lessons in punctuality will cost you, my friend. :)

I had this when I was in London 4 years back and I thought there'd only be mussels on offer.
Apparently not.

I didn't keep count.
Was too busily slurping up my mussels and white wine sauce.
Little morsels of the sea.
And thankfully,
they had more than just mussels on the promotional menu.
Dad says, "Mussels are fish bait. I do not eat fish bait."
Repeat after me.

Generous slices of smoked salmon with dill and asparagus
atop a bed of linguine in cream sauce.
Linguine - Favourite.
Salmon- Generous. Omega 3 rich hey!
Asparagus- A little too soft.
Cream sauce- Brings it all together. Hits all the right spots! :)
That's a strike two for dad.
He does not take salmon.
And he calls himself a fisherman.

So there we go with roast chicken.
With sticky sweet Thai chilli sauce in a huge bowl on the side.
And a generous serving of fries.
Indulge yourself with some mayo and tomato dips.
I definitely did. :)

Bangers and mash.
These were the smallest serving for an item on the menu but they were a bang for the buck.
If you love your bangers full on savoury flavours.
Slicing into these bouncy meat packages are a dangerous affair.
They might spurt into your eye if you were looking. or not.
or fly off the plate.
Definite no no on the etiquette's page.
The mash was a good balance to the strong flavours on the meat.

We had them all at just 5.35 pounds each.
What's the 35 for?
35 minutes getting lost in Covent Garden.
You don't say.
Well, look for the Superdry outlet with the orange flag. Belgos is just opposite to it.
A nondescript place almost like an underground bar.
Waitstaff in parish outfits.
It's blasphemy to drink in a church! :)

Enjoy the experience.
It's a Belgium experience in London.

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