Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Old Hong Kong @ Square 2

In the mood for soup.
It's a permanent mood.

Sharksfin -Melon- Crabmeat soup.
Visible morsels of crab meat.
Diced vegetables.
And savoury thick soup.
Does wonders for the appetite.

Triple mixed meat platter.
The duck was the star*
Crisp skin, ohsodeliciously indulgent layer of fat and tender braised meat.
The char siew (BBQ Pork) was lean but I'd have much preferred more generously charred edges.
The roast pork although lacklustre in color,
more than made up for itself in taste and texture.
Crisp thick layer of skin, lean meat and just that little bit of fat in between.
All gone in a bit! :)

Handmade cuttlefish pieces with beancurd skin and assorted mushrooms.
The cuttlefish pieces were bland but the sauce complemented it perfectly.
This was a recommended signature,
but I'd recommend some other beancurd dish though.

And these lipsmackingly delish fillets of cod.
So there were three of us.
And no I didn't just stop at one.
Exercising absolute control- I had one and a half.
There. I shared. :)
But of course if I could, 
I would have...

Thanks for the birthday treat.
For two years in a row.
Old Hong Kong at Square 2 was perfect for a quiet night.
A much overdue dinner date.
You're a blessing indeed.
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