Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Ming Ren Restaurant Genting Hotel

Mountain view from Resort Hotel.
I was never one to bother about "the view"
Till I had my first taste of the mountain from the comfort of my room. 
Takes my breath away every morning. :)

So this was where Dad hurried off to with reservations once we checked ourselves in.
Ming Ren at Genting Hotel.

Double boiled herbal soup.
Very appetizing.

Kung Pao Chicken.
It was a little too sweet for my liking.

Potato pork.
This was just like comfort food at home. 
You need rice for gravy like this.
Lots of rice.

Crunchy prawns on a bed of delightful greens.

Threadfin or ikan kurau.
This was fish with a hearty bite.
Lightly salted gravy with slivers of chinese black mushrooms and minced meat served on the side.
Dad likes the fish simple.
I take the sauce.
All of it. :)

Perfect for a post dinner chill out.
Preferably with a live soccer match.
I missed the simple times with you. :)

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