Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Happy Valley Seafood Theme Park Hotel RWG

Oh where oh where,
would you find

live seafood.
In tanks.
To pick at your fancy...
On top of a mountain? :)

These grass prawns.
Are scrambling all over each other.
I'm superbly fresh.
I mean,
Not I of course.

Claypot beancurd with seafood.
Big on ingredients.
And I mean for both the former and the latter.

Fried slices of garoupa.
Thick slices.
But these were battered.
I'd rather just have them plain and simple.

Plum sauce chicken.
This was a specialty
And rightfully so.
Satisfyingly huge portion.
Crispy battered skin on.
And they were skimping on the chicken either. :)

Sambal kangkong.
Oh my yum.
Perfectly fried.
And no traces of skimpy washing of the vegetables.
If you take vegetables.
Make this a definite order.

And these babies? 
Sorry to be cruel.
But you died amidst a lot of fanfare. 
We loved you.
Very much.

Steamed with egg
And another 300grammes in superior stock.
Nothing superior about the stock, believe you me.
But these cost us barely a little more than SGD 10.
To lo chuay?
So the pinyin is terrible for hokkien.
Where to find! 

And that was a pre concert feast.
Emil Chau was better than we all expected. 
A pure two and a half hours of his greatest hits, his new releases, his change in singing perspective.
Just soaking in the electrifying charge of his fans.
I'm a convert.

First concert of the year with the 'rents and our beloved family friends.
It's been a rough week for us but they made it all better.
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