Sunday, November 06, 2011

Third wedding at the Four Seasons

It's a wedding season for me in 2011. 
But a phase that all individuals go through.
That certain age period when suddenly everyone decides to get marriage and will probably take anywhere between 3-5 years before that phase ends.
Just this year alone, it's the third time I've been at the Four Seasons Hotel.
Never been failed by the weddings but the food has failed me- once.
And surprisingly, it was the ala carte serve that was the worst.

And Cinderella dreams may just be made of these.
A pictorial of their Deluxe Menu

Fried wanton skin for added crunch.

Awesome substitute for shark's fin.

Crunchy greens. Scallops overpowered by the sauce.

Not scoring high on the fresh-o-meter.

Why the addition of a strange miso paste?

The treasure was not in the pearl.

Makes you eat up all your portion of greens :)

A 'pop' in every mouthful. :)

And an absolutely refreshing dessert of aloe and ice jelly.

Food is a pretty important factor in the choice of a wedding dinner venue.
And how high a priority is accorded to food when you chose/ choose a wedding dinner venue?

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