Monday, November 21, 2011

Comfort Food

Michelin starred it won't be. Just two days apart and not a shred of consistency. I had a thosai in a pretty neat triangle and a generous filling after a double wait time. It was mushy at first spear and my heart pretty much sank along with it.

Food. Is a lot closer to my heart than you'd think. :)

But it got better with the next few forkfuls. Wasn't all mush. There were chunky bits and all of that lovely yellow creaminess. And this time? Not even a subtle taste of spice. Just tasted like boiled potatoes. Small Indonesian potatoes. Saved from blandness by side servings of sambar and dhal. And actual curry chicken gravy. After a majorly drenched cooling off in the rain walking to the bus stop and back home, it's all I could do to boost my immune system with a curry night out. :) 
Even if I wasn't offered a lift and almost passed out from hunger. Just being dramatic. :p
Ending the week with. Comfort food.

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