Sunday, November 20, 2011

On a curry weather day

Thosai is a South Indian cuisine. Think crepes and you're just about there. 
Baking begins with a batter of rice flour and various pulses (usually dhal/ fenugreek seeds/ lentils) which needs to be fermented for at least eight hours. There's a version from Sri Vijaya Vegetarian restaurant along Selegie Road that grinds their own rice to make Thosai. And there is a marked difference in the taste. Trust me. Your tastebuds will know the difference immediately.

A ladleful of batter is scooped onto a flat griddle and quickly spread out by moving the ladle in a circular motion starting from the middle outwards. Like crepes really. The batter is left to cook until little holes begin to appear and the underside has turned into a delicious golden brown. Thosai is usually eaten with dhal, a coconut chutney and "sambar". From left to right in the picture shown respectively.

The thosai here had a crispy skin with chewy insides. Those at Sri Vijaya are fluffy! The potato masala was creamy and light. If I didn't see the spices, I would have missed their mild-tasting addition altogether. It was too bland for me. I'd prefer my filling to have the addition of a bit more salt and tang from the spices to complement the plain thosai. 

This was my attempt to eat healthy at a prata place. And I'm glad I did.
Note to self: Never ask for chicken curry gravy if I ever ordered prata here. It was just a terrible excuse for a chicken curry gravy. It tasted like a lot of curry powder and little of anything else.
Fish curry gravy next time. Everytime from now on.

Casuarina Curry Restaurant

136 Casuarina Road (Off Upper Thomson)
Tel: 6455 9093   Fax: 6455 1230
Operating Hours: 7.00am to 12.00 Midnight 

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