Saturday, November 26, 2011

Chomping down at Chomps.

Haven't been here in a while. Che Jian/ Chia Keng Hokkien Mee has shifted their location to the second stall on the left hand side of the hawker centre complete with a brand new signboard. Today's beehoon didn't seem to have spent enough time in the wok to fully absorb the stock so that made it lacking in taste somewhat. Perhaps just this batch that he fried. Lard toppings were crunchy as usual with their brilliantly complementing sambal chilli that I always need an extra spoonful of.

Carrot cake was good although a little heavy on the salt and prawns fried to death from being the hot frying plate too long. I'd only order the white version at this stall though. The black version isn't as tasty as in other places I've tried. That's just my personal take on it.

Satay beehoon. Looking a lot nicer than it tastes. The serving size was pathetic at a cost of $4. And what made it worse was that it was served lukewarm. Hmm. I expected the beehoon to have been blanched once more and the satay sauce to be well heated. Expectations. Oh well.

Was good dining out with the notsolittle brother.

And Christmas IS coming right up! :)
Makes me happy just seeing this on the racks at the NTUC outlet in myVillage at Serangoon Gardens.

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