Thursday, November 24, 2011

there's nothing like fresh.

On a cold, wet and rainy day.

I took refuge at Sembawang Hills Food Centre for a lunch date with my girlfriend who works further down the road.
And there was no question about it.
My choice of food that is. (Amazing, I know :))
Fish soup. With rice no less.

It made the world look brighter.
Two simple things.
A good meal. Awesome company.



590 Upper Thomson Road,
Sembawang Hill Food Centre
Sembawang Hill Food Centre


steph said...

omg. i live just behind this hawker centre! Does your friend works in Tagore Lane? Anyway, this is definitely 1 of my fav sliced fish soup stall and the queue gets pretty long during lunch hours! :)

min~* said...

mmhmm. right about there. she's doing some international exports stuff. family company. this man should market his gadgets!