Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Daawat Tandoori. Service par excellence.

Getting out of the pouring rain and jumping into the hot shower.
And curry for dinner. Of course :)

Naans. They had a good offering of different naans. Be sure to specify how you'd like your naans done. We asked for them soft and they came soft just as requested. :) I had the kashmiri and it was chock full of nuts and fruits. Mmmm!

Two servings of fruits and vegetables right? I've settled the fruits. Now for the vegetables. It was a vegetable shahi korma. Mixed cocktail vegetables. Now the understanding was cocktail as another word for mixed. Right? No. When it arrived, it was fruit cocktail. Complete with the papaya bits i love and random cherry bits. For a moment, it seemed we made a wrong choice. Well, it was curry so we mixed it all up anyway. And you'll never guess. It was absolutely naan worthy. :) It was entirely mopped up by dinner's end.

Do you know the origins of butter chicken? According to a Discovery Channel documentary, this indulgent recipe was invented in 1950s, by a chef at the Moti Mahal located in Daryaganj, the central region of Delhi. Initially famed for its Tandoori Chicken, the cooks there used to recycle the leftover chicken juices in the marinade trays by adding butter and tomato. The tandoor-cooked chicken pieces were then tossed in this sauce and there. was. butter chicken!

Pieces of boneless tandoori chicken cooked with butter, tomato puree and various spices including cumin, cloves, cinnamon, coriander, pepper, fenugreek and dried fenugreek leaves (Qasuri Methi) that contributes generously to the distinctive flavour of this dish and of course, topped with fresh cream.

I was just giving random feedback about the spice level of the butter chicken (too spicy for some) to the waitstaff and within minutes, the boss was at our table, asking if we needed anything changed. He said he heard something was too spicy and he was more than willing to get it changed for us. We were already halfway through and told him that it was just a comment, I was more than happy with it really. :) He went on to tell us about how the spice level can be adjusted with differing proportions of tomato based sauce and said that we should let them know immediately if it wasn't to our taste. 

Genuine concern for your dining experience. This doesn't happen very often and least when I expected it at such a quiet and homely establishment. A very humble man, he enquired about the rest of the dishes and accepted our compliments with shy thanks. That's service par excellence for you. Just randomly during a point in time of our meal, I was looking over at the laptop that the boss was surfing on and when he saw my line of sight, he was all ready to jump out of his seat to see if there was anything he could get for me. I quickly smiled and assured him otherwise. Service quality. check!

Pun totally intended :)

Just because I wanted ice cream. Early Grey for me. Very heavy on their vanilla base. Which works for me :)
Affordable prices and good quantities of ice cream. Lots of repeat visits for me and everyone else!

 Daawat Tandoori Restaurant
207 Upper Thomson Road
Yew Lian Park
Singapore 574346
Tel: 6252 4497/ 6822 3716

Standard Chartered Card Holders get 10% off total bill till 30th April 2012 and there's no service charge. :)

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