Sunday, November 18, 2012

Yummy Viet @ Smith Street

The choices are limitless.
But extensive menus aren't usually good news for diners.


Whe you're spoilt for choice even at the drinks menu?

Cha Gio.
I like my Viet rolls... FRIED.
Crisp exterior and juicy stuffings within.
Dip into spicy sweet sour sauce for the perfect final touch.
Now we were terribly hungry!

Mix fruit tea.
There couldn't be a worse sounding name.
It sounded like fruit cocktail.
But of course this was herbal tea which O.D.ed on sugar syrup.
White fungus, red dates, barley, lotus root, dried longan and I have no other clue what else was within.
But this was by far better than plum or passion juice.

Three prawns, perfect for the three girls :)
In a word?
Juicy sacs of the pomelo, delightfully crunchy onion slices, carrot, cucumber and diced chicken meat.
All tossed together in an addictively tangy dressing.

 Beef balls and tender beef slices.
Where was my extensive raw slivers of beansprout? :(
The soup was savoury.
But tasted more of seasoning than anything else.
And no it wasn't quite the pho I was eagerly looking forward to.
This was thin in width but thicker than I expected.

Dinner came up to about $15 per pax for the three of us plus drinks.
It wasn't expensive but the food wasn't the taste of Vietnam I was looking for either.

Any recommendations for Viet cuisine?
Much appreciated :)


Anonymous said...

The place got freshly renovated. You should try to go then. It's nicer than ever...

Anonymous said...

Don't think u can get more authentic Viet than this place, came highly recommended by all our Vietnamese colleagues.